Fango - Viscera 2/3 (Full-pack .wav files)

Fango - Viscera 2/3 (Full-pack .wav files)



Fango’s non-traditional journey through the human body continues. After the first essay on interior organs “Viscera 1/3”, it’s now the turn of the central nervous system to be analyzed. And here comes Cerebellum, Nervum and Cortex, three delicate operations of surgery on the inner workings of Fango’s head. Part 2 of a trilogy that Fango conceived on the physicality of music, tracks that are going straight to your heart, to your stomach and so on. In this case it’s your brain and we hope to give you a nervous breakdown. Enjoy.

A1 - Cerebellum
B1 - Nervum
B2 - Cortex

(player below)

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