Fango - Tuono Remixed

Fango - Tuono Remixed



The album “Tuono” is an essay on the atmospheric agents conducted by Fango, it now gets revisited by 3 of the most innovative producers around...
Dritto - Rebolledo’s Action Sequence
Having already gained a very early premiere on Maceo Plex's BBC Radio One Essential Mix, Mexican man Rebolledo's driving remix of DRITTO takes all the drama of the original track, draws it out as only the Pachanaga boy knows how.
Saetta - Prins Thomas Diskomiks
Norwegian dj extraordinaire and space disco heavy-weight Prins Thomas takes SAETTA on a whole new journey, building from the original track with warm funk tinged bass lines, complimented by driving synths which stream around latin folk guitar elements. This remix doesn't hold back whilst paying homage to Fango's well loved drum programming as it progresses deep into layer upon layer of sonic indulgence.
Tuono - Prins Thomas Diskomiks
With a double shot on this pack, Prins Thomas takes TUONO in from the raw and wraps its around a driving bass-line and horn synth texture.
Tei - Barnt and Jens - Uwe Bayer remix
Retaining the foundation aspects of the original, Head honcho's at music label Magazine, Barnt and Jens, treat TEI with a cinematic flute driven start before mechanically kicking the percussive heavy remix underway. A length mid-track breakdown spurs on a haunting vocal loop over a back-drop of droning pulses before the track kicks back into what Barnt and Jens are best known for.

A1 - Dritto (Rebolledo's Action Sequence)
A2 - Tei (Barnt & Jens-Uwe Beyer Remix)
B1 - Tuono (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
B2 - Saetta (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

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