Rubini - Le Cahier De Occelli - (SOLD OUT)

Rubini - Le Cahier De Occelli - (SOLD OUT)



Rubini's production is dedicated to the legendary Group-B rally era (1982-1986), universally considered as the most spectacular moment of the motoring sports history. 
Rubini succesfully transfers those dramatic and thrilling scenario in a disco/tech language. We recommend watching the youtube videoclip.

Le Cahier de Occelli is an intimate ambient journey, drawing the mystic landscapes of those dirty roads. 
Easyleft Henri is dedicated to the amazing pilot Henri Toivonen, whom incredible skills insipred this energetic disco/house drive, with steering bass-line and a whirling vintage synths. 
Dancefloor missiles, ROAR!

A1 - Le Cahier de Occelli
B1 - Easyleft Henri

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